A Priority?!

. . .friendship. . . 🤔

Smitten Mueni

It just hit me that maybe we go about making friends the wrong way. We  look for people who we have common interests with, people who look a certain way and you know etcetera. When what we need to look for is how they treat themselves, because then that’s going to trickle down to how they treat us.

You can’t honestly expect someone who barely cares for themselves to treat you like the most precious thing in the world. If that’s how your thoughts work, its about time you get your mind out the gutter.

God should always be a persons number one priority and then they come second. We always hear or read this quote about, you can’t love another unless you know how to love yourself and it’s rings so true. Someone who puts themselves as a priority and takes really good care of themselves will treat you…

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